Heart Shaped Gelato Pops

Heart Shaped Gelato Pops


A delicious heart shaped gelato pops by Chef Natalie! Pick from Vegan Vanilla blue 💙, Vegan Key lime pie, Coconut, and more!

Each order is made specially for you by Chef Natalie! After each order is placed, we will confirm the delivery time and flavors over text (Orders are guaranteed within 1-2 days)❤️

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Raspberry Sorbet, Vegan Vanilla blue 💙, Chocolate + choco chips, Vanilla, Mint chip, Mango Sorbet, Vegan Key lime pie, Coconut, and Banana split (with dulce de leche)

Ordering Instructions

Pick the amount of pops you'd like after purchase flavors delivery date and time will be coordinated over text.

Rose petals not included