Coffee with Cura

Join Jose and Krishna as they meet the chefs that cook on Cura, healthy & wellness experts including pro-athletes and other startup founders.


Episode 1. Food Delivery Inside the NBA Bubble

Guest - Chef Frankie

In this episode we talk to Chef Frank about the challenges behind feeding NBA players inside the bubble. Chef Frank is a chef for MLB & NBA players!

Episode 2. Food and Mind

In this episode we talk to Chef Mayela about the connection between food and the mind. Chef Mayela is not just a chef she is also a yogini(female yoga master).

Episode 3. Juice with Cura

In this episode of Coffee with Cura we talk to Chef Roude about Juicing and fasting! Chef Roude is a vegan chef based in Miami she talks to us about how she started juicing and the inspiration behind the names of her juice - the glow, the ga, the da!

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