Our mission is to empower people and to keep food human.

Cura didn't start off as a business idea. It began as a way to fill a personal need and grew into a community that supports each other. We provide a meaningful space for chefs, restaurateurs and other food cura-tor's to turn their creative passions into opportunity. We enable buyers to discover unique food related items made with care. We treat our community with respect and support it's local sellers because we believe it makes the world a better place. 

Our dedication to our mission is at the core of our identity. It guides our day-to-day decisions while inspiring us to never forgot why we embarked on this journey and how we want to positively impact the world. We have an unwavering commitment to have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact.

Leading with our guiding principles

We commit to transparency.

Making sure that people know exactly what's in their food, where it was sourced and who they're buying from is at the core of our marketplace. 

We believe in supporting local.

We believe supporting local businesses will not only strengthen our economy, but will also nurture a more compassionate world. A world where more people are able to find fulfillment in what brings them the most happiness. 

We embrace individuality.

What we love about food and food entrepreneurs is that there is so much variety and an opportunity to think differently. With over 5 trillion recipes in the world, and growing, there is an endless potential for innovation. 

We ask the hard questions.

There's no doubt that we have a passion for "healthy" food given our company's founding story but if there's anything we've learned, it's that "healthy" is subjective and must be approached with an open mind. There is still much to learn on what food we all thrive on. We hope to contribute to that body of research and give you the insights you seek when asking yourself the simple question, "what should I eat today?"

We believe in something greater than ourselves.

We believe in our mission, and we believe in each other. Everyday we set ambitious goals and a pragmatic plan to execute on them. Cura Market is more than just another marketplace, it's a catalyst for a better world. As long as there is breath in our lungs, we will continue to progress until there's no stone left unturned. 

Building a "Cura Economy"

A Cura Economy will give food entrepreneurs the ability to sell their goods in both global and local markets and will give thoughtful consumers access to a food hub where they'll be able to discover everything from food that can heal them from their ailments to virtual classes that will cure them from their boredom.


Frequently asked questions

What does Cura stand for?

We chose the name Cura because it stems from the latin word curare, which means to "to care for." We strive to build an organization that serves to take care of people. Today we take care of people through food, tomorrow we hope to take care of people in more ways than just food. 

Why did you decide to build Cura?

Cura was originally a health app that would allow our family and friends to log four important parts of their lifestyle to calculate their risk of lifestyle related disease. Our aim was to build a system that would better protect our families from disease by incentivizing them to make better lifestyle choices by rewarding them with different prizes such as gym discounts or meals prepared and delivered by a local chef. Rather quickly, we realized our family and friends were most incentivized by the locally made meals. So we set out to find more chefs to work with. In the process we learned chefs were not only struggling with the costly and difficult task of managing the software behind their business but fundamentally would rather not deal with managing their own websites or becoming experts in machine learning and would rather focus their efforts in making incredible food and satisfying their customers. We realized we could, not only, partner with local chefs to help our family and friends find the food that helps them heal but also work together in building a new culture around food. Cura Market was born and we're incredibly grateful for the community that enjoys working with us every single day. 

What does it mean to be a Cura-tor?

A Cura-tor is anyone who aligns with our guiding principles and not only holds themselves at a high standard but also recognizes that they can truly make a positive impact through the items they make and sell on Cura Market.