Discover food experiences you'll love, cooked by a local chef. All delivered straight to your home!

What's a Healthy Food Experience?

1. Tell us about yourself through a survey.

2. We'll pair you to a new chef experience each week or month.

3. Each chef prepares your meals and your experience in their own unique way.

How does it work 🤔

1. Pick the amount of meals you want

Subscribe by choosing how many meals you want, starting at $15/meal. Yes, it’s too cheap.

2. We match you to a local chef and meal

Tell us your taste and goals in a quick survey and we'll match you with a chef who will cook food you'll love

3. Chef cooks & delivers directly to you

You'll get your food every Sunday and Wednesday.

(Exact date will depend on when order is placed and processed)

Why would I want this?

We're all stuck at home and have to cook all the time

Why not take a cooking break every week/month?

We'll do the thinking, ordering, cooking, and delivering

All you need to do is the eating!

Stop thinking about eating and JUST EAT!

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Meet The Chefs!